Crafted By Vets To Fulfill All The Needs Of Veterinary Clinics.

Our flexible, proven and reliable practice management software providing everything you need to streamline in-clinic workflows.

Efficient Patient Record Keeping

With VETDsk, you can effortlessly record and access detailed information about pet owners and their beloved animals, including medical history, previous visits, and treatment plans. Keeping track of your patients’ health has never been easier!


Enhanced search

Quickly find specific patient records, appointments, or inventory items with VETDsk’s advanced search and filtering capabilities. This feature saves time and improves overall clinic organization.


Automated Reminders and Feedback

Stay connected with your clients using our automated reminder system. Send vaccination and follow-up reminders, and request valuable feedback through reviews on platforms like Facebook and Google.

Vet Tools

Tools For Veterinarian Doctors

Tools to help vet doctors save even more time.

Your Time

More Time, Better Care

Spend less time with paperwork and more time tending to pressing tasks and your team’s self-care.

Why Choose VETDsk

Enhanced Reporting Capabilities

Built on the most powerful reporting platform available, MySQL. Run your practice to its fullest with a complete suite of over 15 reports, like year-to-date totals, reviews of employee production, and so much more.

Integrated Inventory Management

Set up automated reordering and keep precise track of inventory. Our intelligent inventory management reduce costs, eliminate waste, and help increase practice revenue.

Data Backup

Data backup services are a fast and affordable way to prevent your business from losing data. This automated service works in the background to store your data remotely and protect against its loss.

Simple to Learn

Veterinary practice management software that’s intuitive, easy to use and simple to learn. Complete common tasks up to 5X faster with intuitive software designed for ease of use.

Sales Ticket Printing

80mm thermal receipt printing to gain client's trust and ease to return items for the clients using the ticket number. VETDsk also supports A4 receipt printing.


Access veterinary clinic data from anywhere via the cloud. Cloud-based veterinary software that’s accessible from anywhere, anytime that makes patient care easy and seamless.

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Based on 1000+ reviews
VETDsk has revolutionized the way we manage our clinic. It's user-friendly, and the boarding feature is a game-changer! Highly recommended.
Dr. Emily Watson
Happy Paws Veterinary Clinic
Thanks to VETDsk, our clinic's workflow has become seamless. The automated reminders have improved client compliance, and the inventory module keeps us well-organized.
Dr. Tina Oliver
PetCare Wellness Center
VETDsk has been a game-changer for our clinic. It's incredibly user-friendly, and the reminder system has improved client compliance significantly.
Dr. Jennifer Dunn
CareVets Animal Hospital
I can't imagine running our clinic without VETDsk. The ability to access patient records from anywhere and the detailed reporting feature have made a huge difference in our practice management.
Dr. George Weah
Paws & Claws Veterinary Care
VETDsk's inventory management feature has saved us so much time and effort. We can easily track product availability, pricing, and expiration dates. It's a must-have for any busy clinic!
Dr. Dan James
Healthy Pets Clinic
Thanks to VETDsk, we have improved our client communication and engagement. The automated reminders for vaccinations and check-ups have been a hit with our pet parents.
Dr. Emma Tan
Loving Paws Veterinary Clinic